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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - Albert Einstein

Eclipse is a music film that explores and questions human consciousness through the power of choice. Interpreted by Yao Dapre Nicol aka. Oulouy and musically sculpted with two tracks from electronic duo Weval, the film exposes a man’s evolution and personal growth towards awareness, offering a visual contrast between light and darkness, movement and paralysis, life or death.

Talent: Yao Dapre Nicol aka. Olouy
Producer: Jana Balcazar
DP: Fabio Gasser
Steadicam: Ricard Haro
Art director: Aida Rodriguez
Costume designer: Alba Miquel
Stylist: Ana Fuentes
Editor: Xavi Trilla (Martes Studio)
VFX: Eighty4
Sound design: IXYXI
Colorist: Julia Rossetti (Eighty4)
Credit design: PIEL
Music provided by WEVAL

Awards & Nominations:

*Winner CICLOPE 2020:
- SIilver in "New Talent in Direction"
- Bronze in "No logo"

* Winner Berlin Commercial 2020 (Personal Work):
- New Generation Award
- Best Cinematography
- Best Edit
- Best use of Sound & Music

*Shortlisted for "Best Video Art" at Young Director Awards 2020

*Featured on: Directors Notes / Booooooom TVBeyond The Short / Indie Shorts Mag / Film Shortage / Promonews 

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