Mario Paz Duque shares the feeling of riding through the streets of Barcelona, blending in with the urban environment and experiencing a unique connection that takes him to an almost levitational state.

Starring Mario Paz Duque, Alex De Cortada & Juanma P. García
Produced by Dosnoventa & Gasser Brothers
With the support of Knog and Enve Composites

Cinematography: Fabio Gasser
1st AC/Loader: Joan Martínez Urango
Steadicam: Ricard Haro
Edit: Xavi Trilla
Music/SFX: Moritz Staub
Creative direction: David Turover
Still photography: Brazo de Hierro & Eren Saracevic
Lab: Focus Film
Rental: Napalm Rentals
Grip: Tyreaction